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vation, and has created the spirit of China's space industry. To carry forward this spirit and stimulate enthusiasm for innovation, the Chinese government set April 24 as China'▓s Space

Day in 2016."To explore the vast cosmos, develop th

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e space industry and build China▓ into a space power is a dream we pursue unremittingly." In the next five years and beyond China will uphold the concepts of innovative, balanced, green

, open and shared development, and promote the com

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prehensive development of space science, space technology and space applications, so as to contribute more to both serving national development and improving the well-being of mankind.

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China's space industry, we are publishing this▓ white paper to offer a brief introduction to the major achievements China has ma▓de in this field since 2011, its main tasks in the next

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  • five years, and its international exchanges and cooperation

    efforts.1. PurposesTo explore outer sp

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    o utilize outer space for peaceful ▓p

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to make innovations independently, to make scientific discovery and research at the cutting edge, to promote strong and sustained economic▓ and social development, to effectively and reliably guarantee national security, to e▓xercise sound and efficient governance, and to carry out mutually beneficial international exchanges and cooperation; to have an advan▓ced and open space science and technology industry, stable and reliable space

mproved man's knowledge of space, an

infrastructure, pioneering and innovative professionals, and a ric▓h and profound space spirit; to provide strong support for the realization of the Chinese Dream o▓f the renewal of the Chinese nation, and make positive contributions to human civilization and progress.3. PrinciplesChina's space industry is sub▓ject to and serves the national overall development strategy, and▓ adheres to the principles of innovative, coordinated, peaceful and open development.- I▓nnovative development. China takes independent innovation as the core of the development of its space industry. It implements major space


ce and technology projects, strengthens scientific exploration and technological innovation, deepens institutional reforms, and stimulates innovation and creativity, working to promote rapid development of the space industry.- Coordinated development. China rationally allocates various resources, encourages and guides social forces to take an orderly part in space development. All space activities are coordinated under an overall plan of the state to promote the comprehensive development of space science, space technology and space application▓s, and to improve the quality and efficiency of overall space deve▓lopment.- Peaceful development. China always adheres▓ to the principle of the use of outer space for peaceful purposes, and opposes ▓the weaponization of or an arms race in outer space. The country develops and ▓utiliz

exploration and utili zation of oute r space for▓ pe aceful purpose s. Over the past 60 year s of remarka ble development since its spac e industry was e stablished in 1956 , China has made g reat achievements in this s▓phere , including the develo pment of atomic and hy drogen bombs, missiles, man-made satellite s, manne▓d sp aceflight and lunar 临沂市5G 沙坪坝区5G 富顺县wap 吉安市wap 鸡西市wap 册亨县5G 赫章县5G 龙游县5G 隰县5G 永安市5G 鱼台县5G 遵义县wap 重庆wap 嵩明县wap 清水河县wap 泽州县wap 阿鲁科尔沁旗5G 盱眙县5G 阿尔山市5G 兴山县wap 传奇私服单机版登陆器 传奇私服微端版 传奇私服外挂辅助免费版 传奇私服免费扫号器 手机能玩传奇私服吗 新开超变传奇私服网站大全 传奇私服外挂制作教程 传奇私服合击版本 最新网页传奇私服开服表 传奇私服电脑配置